Fundraiser for Michelle Sheehan

On Monday, September 10th, we went to Merwin’s Wharf in the proximity of the Flats in order to attend a fundraiser for our good friend, Ms. Michelle J. Sheehan, who is a candidate for the 8th District Court of Appeals.

Ms. Sheehan greeted us and said with a smile, “I expected to see you here!” We also chatted with her husband, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Brendan J. Sheehan, a great guy whom we have known for years. We discussed some infamous criminal cases that we recently read about in a book by famed Northeast Ohio crime author James Renner. Judge Sheehan hadn’t heard about the book and was curious so we promised to email him some info.

We then navigated our way through the thankfully large crowd of supporters assembled drinking pineapple juice and pausing to conduct introductory conversations with those we met including Mr. Gary and Ms. Judy Novak, with whom we discussed the importance of voting. Along these lines, we were heartened to see that Mr. and Mrs. Novak cared enough about the future to bring their three teenage grandchildren here with them.

Most enjoyable was the opportunity to engage in karaoke thanks to Mr. Brian Beyer, Executive Board of Municipal Foremen and Laborers Local 1099, who acted as DJ. We particularly enjoyed Mr. Dorian Blair’s rendition of “Bad Boy/Having A Party” made famous by Luther Vandross and Reverend Eugene Ward’s rendition of “Witchcraft” made famous by Frank Sinatra.

Before we left, we chatted with former Cleveland City Councilperson Helen K. Smith about how grateful we were that this particular evening was a lot cooler, temperature-wise, than it was two weeks ago when we both attended the fundraiser for the Council Leadership Fund at “Nuevo Cleveland” whose air conditioner was not properly working.

Another person who was at both fundraisers was Ms. Deborah M. Turner, a candidate for Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas. We asked Ms. Turner how her campaign was going and we think she spoke for every conscientious candidate listed on the Fall, 2018 ballot regardless of which office sought or party affiliation when she said, “I am running hard and not taking anything for granted! “