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Immigrant Visa Process in New York City

We help you understand immigration policies in New York City

If you are interested in immigrating to New York City or elsewhere in the United States, we can help. With more than eight decades of successful experience assisting individuals and families to qualify and resettle in the U.S., the immigration law firm of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC delivers knowledgeable, cost-effective legal service.

The immigration process in the United States is complicated and challenging. The U.S. accepts immigrant applications in several categories. The two most common are family-based and employment-based immigration:

  • Family-based immigration: Family relationship is the most common avenue toward gaining permanent residency in the US. Once you have gained permanent residency and a green card, you may later be eligible for U.S. citizenship.To apply for a family-based immigration visa, you must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen, or be a U.S. citizen sponsoring others. A U.S. citizen can sponsor their spouse, children, siblings, and parents. An authorized permanent resident can sponsor their spouse and children.The first step in family-based immigration is the submission and approval of an immigrant visa petition, I-130, a Petition for an Alien Relative. In addition to other information, the petition is used to prove the relationship between you and the persons you seek to sponsor. In some cases, such as with a petition for an unmarried child over the age of 21, there will be a wait. Based on the date of your application, their country of origin, and their relationship to you, your child will wait in a line until a visa becomes available. For immediate family and children under the age of 21, there is no waiting period.
  • Employment-based immigration: A US employer may sponsor a specialized worker for immigration to the United States. High-achieving foreign citizens, exceptional researchers, and executive workers may also qualify in employment-based immigration categories.

There are a limited number of employment-based visas to the US available each year. The category in which your employer applies determines the preference given to your immigrant visa if the federal labor certification process is approved. Because of the limited number of employment-based visas, and any additional processing questions that arise, the wait time varies from applicant to applicant.

Our firm has extensive experience helping immigrants overcome challenges to gaining permanent residency in this country. In one instance, Ms. Wong successfully waged a long legal battle to ensure her client, Onyango Okech Obama, was granted a green card to stay in the United States. Mr. Obama is the uncle of former President Barack Obama.

When applying to immigrate to the U.S., it is important that your documentation matches the category under which you are applying, and that it is accurate. Mistakes and missing documentation can result in denial or deferral of your application or cause significant delay to your immigration plans.

Trusted immigration law firm guides you through the immigrant visa process in the U.S.

With offices in New York City and across the country, Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC is a highly-regarded immigration law firm that has helped tens of thousands of foreign citizens in their journey to the United States. When you are ready to begin the immigration process to the U.S., call us at (216) 566-9908 or contact us today

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