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Dedicated Legal Service to Immigrants Facing Criminal Charges in New York City

Leading New York immigrant law firm helps you with criminal alien issues

If you are an immigrant facing a criminal charge, you could be placed in removal proceedings that lead to deportation from the United States. The law firm of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC delivers strong, knowledgeable legal representation to individuals facing all aspects of removal proceedings, from criminal representation to hearings before an immigration judge and federal courts of appeal.

Facing criminal charges as an immigrant in the United States

Whether you are an immigrant or in the country on a non-immigrant visa, criminal charges can quickly lead to the involvement of US Immigrations and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and removal proceedings.

If you are arrested by law enforcement or detained by ICE, our legal team offers skilled representation on all aspects of your case.  Because immigration and criminal law are two different legal practice areas, it is critical that you work with an immigration lawyer and an experienced criminal law attorney if you face criminal charges.  At Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC, we deliver experienced legal service on both immigration and criminal law issues.

While a criminal law attorney in New York City may advise you to plead guilty to a criminal charge, any admission of guilt will likely endanger your immigration status. We work with you throughout plea negotiation, trial, sentencing, and appeal. Our attorneys also have extensive experience filing post-conviction motions in federal and state court.  From minor traffic violations, to violent crimes, or federal drug matters, our legal team fights to protect your personal rights and your immigration status.

Removal hearings before an immigration judge in New York City or elsewhere

When you face a criminal charge or removal hearing, we can help.  We deliver dedicated legal defense on actions including:

•    Asylum or withholding of removal
•    Convention Against Torture
•    Cancellation of removal for lawful permanent residents and non-lawful permanent residents
•    Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
•    Adjustment of status including waivers
•    Removal actions due to criminal conviction
•    Bond proceedings throughout the United States

We also provide skilled legal representation if you or a family member is inappropriately placed into a removal proceeding.

We help you with Board of Immigration and federal court appeals

If you receive an unfavorable ruling by an immigration judge, you have 30 days to file an appeal of that decision. Our firm can file an appeal on your behalf and prepare a comprehensive legal brief to support your position. Our knowledgeable representation has helped many of our clients, including a case that set precedent concerning the failure of the court to advise an alien defendant about the consequences of a guilty plea.

If the Board of Immigration Appeals denies a case, we can assist you through the process of filing a Petition for Review with the federal appellate court with jurisdiction over the removal case.  Our immigration lawyers have successful experience with federal appeals and can file a thorough brief on your behalf within the 30-day filing deadline.

Strong legal defense on matters of federal litigation

We offer committed legal representation on federal matters outside of removal and deportation cases.  If there is a delay in adjudicating a non-immigrant visa, a naturalization application, or an adjustment of status application, we can initiate a legal action in US District Court to compel US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to move your case forward or respond to your Complaint in a trial setting.

Our attorneys have achieved outstanding success for our clients facing criminal charges and removal proceedings. If you are placed in removal proceedings or facing criminal allegations, your immigration status is in danger—speak to our experienced legal team for skilled legal guidance.

Talk to experienced immigration and criminal law attorneys in New York City

If challenged with criminal or removal proceedings, the criminal law attorneys at the immigration law firm of Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC deliver strong, skilled legal defense. Call us at (216) 566-9908 today.


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