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The United States is a destination for visitors from around the world. With offices located in New York City and throughout the country, Margaret W. Wong & Associates, LLC serves clients wishing to visit the United States from around the world in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Thai, and other languages.

About 75 million people visit the United States each year and many make their way to New York City, called the “Big Apple.” New York City is a center of commerce, culture, and immigrant community. Whether you wish to visit New York, Los Angeles, or destinations in between, our attorneys guide you through the visa process to obtain the documentation you and your family need during your stay.

Types of non-immigrant visas to the United States

There are a variety of visa classifications available to people who wish to visit the United States. During their stay, all visitors will need to carry a valid passport issued by their home country, as well as a duly-authorized and stamped entry visa to the United States.

Non-immigrant visas are available for those who want to visit the United States as pleasure travelers, or those who want to work, study, or conduct activities in the US on a temporary basis. If you wish to make your home in the United States, you must work through immigrant processes in order to gain permanent residency through the issuance of a green card.

Although temporary, the K-1 and K-2 visas are provided for the fiancé and family of an American citizen who expect to obtain permanent residency via marriage. Those who have been waiting at least three years to immigrate and reunite with a green card holder in the United States can apply for a non-immigrant V visa.

There are a number of visa classifications for temporary visitors to the United States, including:

  • Diplomatic or semi-diplomatic professionals:  A-1 and G-1 classed visas are available for those who serve as ambassadors, diplomats, and consular officers.  These classes of visas are also available to representatives of government or international organizations, their spouses, family members, and personal employees.
  • Business, pleasure, and other visitors:  Persons wishing to consult, do business or attend a scientific, academic, or commercial convention are eligible for a B-1 visa.  Tourists and those visiting the United States for medical treatment or participation in events generally enter the United States on a B-2 visa.  Visitors (and their families) participating in educational, scientific, or professional exchange programs may apply for J class visas.
  • Crew members:  Crew members who work onboard vehicles like boats or airplanes can apply for a  C-1 or C-1/D visa depending on their arrangements to enter the United States on the vehicle, or if they are traveling to the US to join the crew of a vehicle. 
  • Students and their families:  Foreign-born citizens who wish to study in the United States may apply for either F or M class visas to temporarily live or study in the US.
  • Specialty workers:  Workers, trainees, and their families may apply for H class visas to temporarily work in the US.  Members of the foreign media corp and their families may apply for I class visa documents.  Those in religious occupations and their families should apply for an R class visa.
  • NATO:  Representatives of member states, staff, and immediate family qualify under NATO class visas.
  • Extraordinary ability or entertainers:  Individuals of verifiable extraordinary ability, or those recognized internationally as athletes, entertainers, or others in a cultural exchange program may apply for O, P, and Q class visas. 
  • Criminal informants:  A limited number of S class visas are available to those who supply information on criminal organizations.  Victims of certain types of crime may apply for entry to the United States with a U visa.  The T class visa is available for victims of human trafficking

Complete and careful preparation of your visa application is important to avoid denial or delay of your travel plans.

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