Child Status Protection Act

What Every Family Needs To Know

If a person filing for permanent residency (aka getting a “green card”) is 21 or less and unmarried, he or she will be able to file as a child. However, if the child’s parents are legal permanent residents, there is the danger of aging out. Even after the papers are filed for permanent residency, it can take many months to officially register the adjustment of status. In the meantime, the person could turn 21, and no longer qualify as a child, thus aging out. Now he or she must start all over again to file as an adult.

The sooner we file your papers, the more time you have as a buffer during this process. Our firm can compile your application quickly and submit it with time to spare. Moreover, we stand by you throughout the process, including in the event that you turn 21.

Children Of Citizens Have An Advantage

Aging out only applies to children of legal permanent residents, not children of U.S. citizens. The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) mandates that a U.S. citizen can avoid aging out by filing Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. By using this form, you can “lock in” a certain time, with the person’s age at the time being the operative age.

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