Austria, Italy, Panama, and Thailand added to H-2 country list

Under the H-2 visa program, US employers can hire foreign workers to fill temporary jobs. Usually, these visas are issued for seasonal agricultural workers or for other seasonal occupations.
H-2B petitions are only approved for nationals of countries that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has designated. This year, DHS has added 4 new countries: Austria, Italy, Panama, and Thailand, bringing the total number of H-2 eligible countries to 63.

Country designations are valid for one year. DHS determines which countries to add to the H-2 list based on each country’s cooperation in repatriating their nationals and which ones had the least amount of nationals who were removed in addition to other factors that serve the U.S. interest.

For more information about H-2 eligible countries and the program, go to the USCIS website.