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Solon Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Roundtable

On Wednesday, October 29th, we went to the Solon Chamber of Commerce's Human Resources Roundtable Legal Update luncheon which was held at the Signature of Solon. Today's topic was "Bullying: The New Frontier for Workplace Harassment" presented by Mr. David T. Andrews of Andrews and Wyatt, LLC. We introduced ourselves to Mr. Andrews and learned that he had worked with/referred people to Margaret W. Wong and Associates several times over the years. What made his presentation so good was that he cited several specific instances where people have complained about being bullied and/or harassed in the workplace and then welcomed our feedback as to what we thought of the situation.

He also updated us on issues of employment law like pregnancy discrimination, national orgin discrimination and we spent a lot of time talking about LGBT Issues in the Workplace. Our experiences as members of Plexus, Stonewall Democrats, and PFLAG enabled us to be quite active in the discussion and our questions and views were welcomed.

We met several people there, most of whom were involved in Human Resources, like Ms. Loreen Rote of JoyGlobal who recalls assisting a couple of people who had immigrated to the U.S. from Taiwan and China 8 to 10 years ago. One of the organizers of the luncheon was Ms. Susan K. Drotleff, Senior Branch Manager of Adecco Office & Industrial, a staffing firm who was glad to take our contact information. We sat next to and chatted with Ms. Lauren Rudman of a firm named Erico which has offices in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Other businesses represented there were the Mustard Seed and Partners Environmental Consulting, Inc.

Thanks to Mr. Andrews, today's session was valuable, informative and enjoyable; in other words a good way to spend an extended lunch hour.

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