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Plexus Meeting at Bomba in Rocky River

Our Thursday, May 14th, our only event was Plexus networking at new restaurant named Bomba (Tacos and Rum) on Detroit Avenue in Rocky River. We only had a small space in this establishment so it was tough to move around at times but the banana chips and salsa along with some vegetarian soft tacos made up for feeling a bit cramped. This event was sponsored by Citizens Bank so Ms. Brittany O'Connor and several other employees were there. Ms. O'Connor explained that Citizens Bank wants to be very active in community functions. It used to be named Charter One back in 1913 when it won an award from the Human Rights Campaign. We talked for a while about immigration reform with Mr. Mark Owens from Skylight Financial Group who immigrated to the United States from Ireland about 14 years ago. He is a citizen now and he really believes the quotas regarding immigration from Ireland are way too low. It was good to see Mr. Owens again and we recalled sitting with him and his wife at the Claddagh Ball at the West Side Irish American Club two years ago. Regarding immigration, we also talked to a former newsman who explained to his friends that Margaret W. Wong and Associates was the firm that helped President Obama's aunt obtain her green card. One of his friends was a young man named Kris who was born in Spain but has spent half of his life here in the United States and the other half in Mexico City. He plans to get a degree in Communications at CSU and then perhaps return to Spain where his family is. One conversation that we really liked was with Mr. Bob Javorsky who a licensed minister who performs marriages. Mr. Javorsky is sure (as are most people) that the United States Supreme Court will rule in favor of same sex marriage sometime in June or July. We asked him how long will it take for the states to implement the decision and he said that it would only take a month or less. After everything is in place, Mr. Javorsky is looking forward to being very busy for a while.

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