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Painesville Chamber of Commerce

On Friday, May 15th, our first event was a luncheon of the Painesville Chamber of Commerce which was held at the First Church of Christ on Mentor Avenue in Painesville. Senior Pastor Dave Tysinger was there to warmly greet us all. This luncheon was sponsored by AT & T, COSE, Lake Health and Morse and Company, a prominent local business. We shared a table with one of the speakers, Mr. Michael Manary, Painesville Township Administrator, who was there with his mother, Ms. Jean Manary who has been a member of the chamber for over 20 years as well as being a longtime community activist. Another veteran member, Lake County Educational Service Center was honored for 25 years of service to the community. The award was accepted by Dr. Brian Bontempo who talked about the organization's accomplishments and the programs that it had to offer.

Lake County is composed of 6 municipalities and today's program featured speakers who talked about the happenings and proposed future happenings in their communities. In additional to Mr. Manary, the speakers were Mr. Chris Galloway, Concord Township Trustee; Mr. Tim Manross, the Mayor of Fairport Harbor; Ms. Cathy Bieterman, Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Painesville; and Mr. Kevin Malecek, Lake County Commissioner.

All of the speakers focused their presentations on the very promising economic development that is taking place in the Lake County area. Ms. Bieterman said that all of the municipalities were working together to attract retail chains. Mr. Malecek said that they are also all partnering together to market Lake County to the Republican National Convention (RNC). He spoke about an upcoming luncheon in August, 2015 with Mr. David Gilbert, Chairman of the Host Committee for the RNC which will focus on that very topic.

The issue of immigration did not come up in any of the speeches but at the end of the luncheon we gave our contact information to a person and told him/her that we worked for Margaret W. Wong and Associates, an Immigration Law Firm. He/she replied that the potential for us to help people here was terrific due to the sizable number of foreign born people living the Painesville area.

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