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Why Marriage Matters Ohio

On Monday, April 20th, we didn't think that we had any events to attend so we were working out on the exercise bike at the gym and watching the large screen TV when it was announced that the Cleveland City Council was going to be voting on a resolution in support of gay marriage at the city council meeting at 7pm. We knew that Ms. Margaret W. Wong is very supportive of gay marriage, as are we, so we decided to head over to the city council chambers and be there to show our commitment. When we arrived there we encountered quite a few other people who were there for the same reason, many of whom were associated with "Why Marriage Matters Ohio", like Mr. Christopher K. Geggie, Ms. Nicole Thomas, Ms. Alana Jochum, Mr. Dan Doron, Mr. Jake McClain, Mr. Kevin Schmotzer, Mr. Craig Hoffman, Rev. Allen Harris, and Mr. Eric Hayes, an intern from the LGBT Center with a very strong social conscience. Mr. Geggie explained to us that similar resolutions were already passed in such Ohio cities as Columbus, Athens, Dayton, Yellow Springs, and Cincinnati as well as the counties of Franklin and Lucas.

The initial cosponsors of Resolution #409-15 in support of gay marriage were councilpersons Joe Cimperman, Phyllis Cleveland, Jeff Johnson, Brian Cummins, Mamie Mitchell, and Matt Zone but during the course of the discussion Councilwoman Dona Brady said she wanted to be a cosponsor also.

Several of the councilpersons made very eloquent testimonials in favor of gay marriage including Councilman Cimperman who recalled the story of Mr. Richard Adams and Mr. Tony Sullivan, the couple depicted in the documentary "Limited Partnership" which was shown at the Cleveland Film Festival. Mr. Adams and Mr. Sullivan were married in Colorado in 1975 but when Mr. Sullivan attempted to legally immigrate to the United States from Australia to be with his husband the marriage was not recognized by the federal government so he was turned down and called a "faggot". Councilman Zone brought a tear to the eye when he talked about his late brother who was devoted to his partner and so much wanted to marry him before he died but unfortunately (this was years ago) he could not.

We are glad to say that the resolution was finally passed with 1 abstention, 2 nays and 14 yeas!