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Margaret W. Wong Free Immigration Seminar in Atlanta

On Sunday April 26, 2015, Ms. Margaret W. Wong held a free immigration seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. The seminar was great. We had a very satisfactory turnout, with people from all over the region, and we saw some really interesting cases.  Mrs. Wong enjoyed teaching all of us. She had mini consultations with about 20 people after the seminar, most of whom made appointments on the spot.

Some of the most interesting cases were, a men who has been here in the US since the 1970 and never applied for amnesty because he thought and was told that only farm workers could apply, and since he did not worked of the farms he never applied, he has USC children that are over 21, has no criminal record and never left the US. He is still undocumented.

We also saw a 30 year old woman who was born in Mexico but her mother is a US born citizen, she could have done N-600 , she also qualifies for DACA, 10yrs cancellation, etc, etc, etc. She is still undocumented.

They came to Mrs. Wong to see if they had any hopes, and Mrs. Wong, Hee and I could not believe they are still undocumented after listening to their stories, it was unbelievable. They were really happy and grateful for Mrs. Wong’s advise.

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