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Out and About March 13th and 14th: Politics, Healthcare, and Prayer

On Thursday night we attended a fundraiser for our friend, Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Anita Laster Mays, who is now running for the 8th District Court of Appeals at the Barley House on 6th Street. We looked up Judge Mays' bio on the Cleveland Municipal Court website and read that she was "an avid reader and fan of TV lawyer Perry Mason, she told her mother when she was just six years old that she wanted to become a judge. At the age of nine, she sold pop bottles and used the proceeds to start a college fund." We are very happy that Judge Mays realized her childhood dream and that she now wants to take it further by pursuing an even higher judicial position. Moreover, we had a wonderful visit with Cleveland Municipal Court Charles L. Patton, Jr. who has a very impressive resume, having also served as the Legal Director/Senior Staff Counsel for the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority and as a Cleveland City Councilperson. He had fascinating stories to tell about Cleveland and his experiences here over the years. Judge Mays' fundraiser was a warm-up for more outings in the political arena later that evening. We next traveled to Trinity Commons where we attended the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats' Candidates Night and the club voted on which candidates to endorse in the May 2014 primary. We found this process to be very extensive but conscientious as it consisted of questionnaires, candidate screenings by the board, presentations by the candidates to the entire club, board recommendations, and sometimes lively discussions in which the entire club (except for the candidates who might be members) takes part. All before the final vote is taken. We left that evening impressed by the Stonewall Democratic Club's knowledge of current affairs and how seriously business was conducted. Even though the emphasis was on issues that affected the LGBT community, other issues were also brought out in the discussion.

We started the day on Friday by attending the Lake County Development Council's monthly luncheon. The speaker for the day was Aaron Goodwin, one of the most prominent leaders of renewable energy development in Northeast Ohio. Mr. Goodwin gave an inspiring presentation about wind power's potential. We also learned that quite a few energy companies employ foreign-born workers which make us want to explore the possibility of outreach to this industry.

We went from a relatively quiet lunch to a more energetic event titled "ACA-The Real Party Way" at Trinity Commons put on by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and UHCAN (Universal Health Care Action Network), Ohio whose purpose was to attract the 18 to 40 year olds so they could sit down with a counselor and review their individual situations to see if they qualified for assistance under the affordable care act. Entertainment was provided by Silver Bee and we all had a good time line dancing together.

For dinner that evening, we went to St. Mary Romanian Orthodox Cathedral on Warren Road for a delicious Lenten fish fry meat. Those of us who do not eat fish got to enjoy macaroni and cheese instead. Not unexpectedly, the line for food went out the door because word had gotten out just how good the fish fries at St. Mary's were. Afterwards, we attended a mass conducted in Romanian inside the beautiful sanctuary. We got to meet the Rev. Fr. Ionel Satnoianu and tell him how much we enjoyed the mass as well as our meal and that we looked forward to tabling at the annual church festival in August, just like we did in 2013.

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