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Hispanic Heritage Exhibit

After we attended the 9/11 ceremony at the Horizon Science Academy on Thursday, September 11th, we planned to take a break until evening and do some errands including a trip to the tailors. Since it happened to be convenient for us to stop in Lakewood, we took our clothes to "New Era Dry Cleaners and Tailoring" and were serviced by the owner, Mr. Mike Hatzigeorgiou. We visited with him for a moment and learned that he immigrated to the United States in 1968 from Greece and knew Ms. Margaret Wong because she once helped some friends of his named Marro and Nick who used to own the Mardi Gras restaurant in Cleveland.

Mr Hatzigeorgiou said that Ms. Wong is a "very nice lady" and he sends her his best. He seemed like a very accomplished tailor and we look forward to wearing the clothes that he is going to alter for us.

Our next actual event was a special reception for the 3rd Annual Hispanic Heritage Exhibit at the Beck Center for the Arts in Lakewood which was the result of a collaboration between the Beck Center and the Hispanic Cultural Center. The principal organizers of tonight's event were our good friends Ms. Mari Galindo DaSilva and Dr. Marise Pujana. Moreover, we are especially proud to say that one of the key sponsors is Margaret W. Wong and Associates!

The exhibition featured the work of nine Hispanic artists and the proceeds from the contributions collected as well as from the art sold at this fundraiser will be placed in a special scholarship fund for needy Hispanic youth to study art at the Beck Center.

Among other people that we knew who attended this event were Dr. Anthony Yen of the Confucius Institute, Dr. Asim Datta, Mr. Ken Kovach, Ms. Laura Fruscella, Mr. Ramesh Shah, Mr. Eduardo Munoz of the MetroHealth System, and Mr. Gadi Zamir of Negative Space Gallery. Mr. Zamir took us aside and told us that he really appreciated the support that Ms. Wong gave to Johnny Wu when he was working on his "Dr Who" project.

Two officers of the Beck Center, Ms. Lucinda Einhouse, President and CEO, and Ms. Darrelle Anne Centuori, Associate Director of Visual Arts Education, also asked us to thank Ms. Wong on their behalf for her very generous support of this exhibition and the Beck Center. We also talked to several people who work at the Beck Center who were appreciative also including Mr. Edward Gallagher, Director of Education, (who used to work at Pearl of the Orient), and Mr. Jason Weiner, Director of Development.

Unfortunately, not all nine of the artists whose work was on display were there to accept the laurels but Mr. Jose Vazquez, Mr. John Rivera-Resto, Mr. Gabriel Gonzalez, Mr. Hector Vega, and Mr. Bruno Casiano were not only present but they were more than happy to pose for photos standing by their artwork.

During the brief ceremony Ms. Galindo DaSilva and Dr. Pujana received great thanks for all of their hard work and throughout the evening the attendees were entertained by the Mariachi Santa Cecilia band. Just before we left we spoke to Ms. Michelle Bashian who wanted to be sure to go on record as saying that she has a Margaret W. Wong stuffed toy tiger that speaks in several languages and she just loves it.

What we particularly liked about this event was the opportunity to meet the artists who turned out to be very friendly people who were very kind and humble when they explained their work to those who wanted to know about it.

The exhibition at the Beck Center runs until October 5th.

Our last event for the day was a "Network after Work" gathering at the Barley House on West 6th Street in Cleveland. This was our second time at one of these events; our first time was about two weeks ago in Columbus. Unlike chamber of commerce meetings, where you generally know the faces that you see, you never know who your are going to run into to at a "Network after Work" event.

Due to the fact that this function started about the same time as the reception at the Beck Center, we got to the the Barley House fairly late but still managed to make about 17 new contacts and quite a few of them either knew/knew of Ms. Wong or might be able to bring us some business. Some of these contacts were:

***A man named Andrew is involved with the Weatherhead School of Management and might know some students who have questions regarding H1B visas.

***Marc and Karen Jaffee, the founders of "Shaking with Laughter" a charitable 501(c)3 whose mission is to fund research for a cure for Parkinson's Disease, both said that whenever one thinks of immigration, he/she thinks of Margaret Wong."

***A young businessman named Mark really liked our methods of advertisement because "you see Ms. Wong everywhere." He also said that he knows several people from India who could conceivably need assistance.

***Ms. Susie Sharp of Operations Management likes to eat at Pearl of the Orient and loves Ms. Rose Wong. She believes Ms. Margaret Wong does great work and is really upset about the treatment of the children at the U.S./Mexican border.

***A student from CWRU named Deoye who immigrated to the United States from Nigeria in 2007 promised to keep us in mind and may refer us to others.

***A man named Jeffrey used to date a woman from Cyprus and can thus understand how many struggle with the immigration process. He was glad that there are people like Ms. Wong to help.

***A representative from Viking Forge Company, a precision metal forging company in Streetsboro, Ohio took our information because they have several people working for them who immigrated to the U.S. from Africa.

***A man who was very said because his dear friend Ms. Sala Gembala, an attorney who worked with the Diocese on immigration matters, passed away recently. When we introduced ourselves to him and said that we were from Margaret W. Wong and Associates, an immigration law office, he thought of Ms. Gembala.

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