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Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce Meeting

On Thursday, May 21st, we started the day at 8am by attending the monthly breakfast meeting of the Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce (HHCC). The speaker was the business leadership coach, Ms. Diane Helbig who we have always enjoyed encountering at quite a few events over the past couple of years. We like it that Ms. Helbig is very funny and tells it the way that she sees it. At this meeting, Ms. Helbig gave several constructive suggestions to all of us about how to improve our networking styles. Afterwards, we talked to Ms. Angie Pohlman, Executive Director of the HHCC, who offered to sit down with us and see what we can do to do even better at networking and we greatly appreciate her for offering to help us in this way.

In addition to the presentation, we met several people there who we hadn't met before like Mr. James Gruden who wanted to know if Margaret W. Wong and Associates would handle a case like the one he had seen on the news the previous evening regarding a undocumented man who was apprehended via a routine traffic stop and now subject to deportation even though his wife had served for years in the United States Armed Forces.

We also talked to Mr. Ed Kander who years ago was in the United States Coast Guard and stationed in Alaska. He recalled that they sometimes came across undocumented people (many of whom were from Asia) working on fishing boats and had to turn them over to the authorities according to law.

On a lighter note, we talked to Dr. Roger Moore (no relation to the actor who played James Bond back in the 1970's and 1980's) who told us that he believed he was "linked in" with Margaret W. Wong.

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