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Fundraiser for Francine Goldberg

On the evening of Wednesday, August 20th, we attended another fundraiser for our good friend, Francine Goldberg who is running for Domestic Relations Judge in Cuyahoga County. Tonight the fundraiser was held at Nighttown in Cleveland Heights and at least 50 people attended this special occasion because Ms. Goldberg celebrated her 50th birthday at this event also and we got to meet her husband, David, as well as her younger children; her oldest son, Noah, will be returning home in the next several days after spending two years in Israel and the whole family is looking forward to seeing him. From what we saw tonight and at previous events, Ms. Goldberg has built an authentic rainbow coalition composed of people of all income levels, ages, and ethnicities eager to support her. Present at this event were businesspeople like Mr. Albert Ratner of Forest City Enterprises, Mr. Tom Dottore of Dottore Companies, and Mr. Bob Reiner of Joshen Paper and Packaging as well as representatives from the American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees (AFSCME), International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and the Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters.

We also got to meet Mr. William Houston, Center Director for the Cleveland Job Corps and Mr. Rob Certner, former CEO of the "Jewish News" who predicts that Ms. Goldberg will be a wonderful judge. Ohio State Representative and County Executive Candidate Armond Budish made a point of walking over and greeting us personally and we spoke with Judges Maureen Clancey and Peter Corrigan. On a less political/electoral front, we enjoyed conversing about film soundtracks with Mr. Allan Licht, Pop Vocal and Piano Coach.

Aside from Ms. Goldberg's immediate family quite a few people there had known her for a long time including Mrs. Patsy Morrison who used to supervise Ms. Goldberg when she was a little girl but readily admitted that Ms. Goldberg was always well ahead of her age group. Along these lines, a man named Herschel told us that his grandmother used to supervise Ms. Goldberg's children when they were younger. It was truly a night for former child supervisors because we talked to Mr. David J. DeGrandis who now is Senior Administrative Officer for Cuyahoga County Department of Information Technology but, many years ago, used to be supervised quite a bit by an older boy who grew up to be former U.S. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich!

Providing the entertainment at this event was "Afterthought & the Nusoul Band". We spoke to one of its members, Ms. Gwen Coats and learned that she used to work in the Standard Building for "John Turoczy Bail Bonds" when Ms. Wong had an office there and sends Ms. Wong her best wishes.

One of the indications that we are supporting a worthy candidate happened when Ms. Goldberg gave a brief speech to her supporters and said that being a judge goes beyond receiving endorsements from political parties, prominent individuals or groups. She went on to say that "judgeships belong to each and every resident of Cuyahoga County."

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