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Fundraiser for North Royalton City Council

Our only event for Thursday, May 28th, was a fundraiser for our friend Mr. Paul Marnecheck who is running for re-election to North Royalton City Council, District 4. We have known Mr. Marnecheck for two years now through our membership with CAMEO and COSE and we know him to be a very hardworking, conscientious person. The fundraiser was held at Carrie Cerino's on Ridge Road in North Royalton and we are glad to report that it looked like other people feel the same way about Mr. Marnecheck as we do because the fundraiser was not only full of people but many of them had come from quite a distance to show their support including Lakewood City Councilwoman Cindy Marx, South Euclid City Councilman Marty Gelfand, and Lake County Commissioner Kevin Malecek.

Several people from labor that we knew were there also like Mr. Fred Crow from Teamsters Local 41 and Mr. Mike McIntyre from Plumbers Local 55.

We introduced ourselves to Mr. Jerry Jindra from Padua Franciscan High School in Parma who told us that Margaret W. Wong and Associates had helped several of the foreign born students with immigration issues. According to Mr. Jindra, Padua has about 30 foreign born students from such places as Spain, China, Japan, Korea and Poland. We talked for a few minutes about the challenges faced by those students such as the need to master the English language well enough for them to proceed with their education in the United States.

What was really nice about the evening was that Mr. Marnecheck's grandfather, Mr. Richard Ganim, the former mayor of Seven Hills who helped to found the Cleveland American Middle East Organization (CAMEO) was able to attend. Due to health issues, Mr. Ganim had been unable to attend the recent CAMEO banquet or the Cleveland International Hall of Fame program where he was honored. But on this day, he was able to be there from his grandson, who, incidentally, has no challenger at this particular time but there is still time for someone to file to run against him.

If what we saw tonight was a testament to Mr. Marnecheck's popularity with the overall public, a challenger would have a tough time even giving him a run for his money.

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