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Solon Chamber of Commerce and a Junior Recital at CIM

On Tuesday, January 20th, we went to the Solon Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon where we heard Mr. Ganpat V. Wagh, Supervisor of the Cyber Task Force and Computer Intrusion Program Coordinator for the FBI Cleveland, give a presentation titled "What is Cyber Security and Why is it Crucial for Your Organization in 2015." Mr. Wagh was introduced by Mr. Greg Rosenberg, Chairman of the the Solon Chamber, who said that cyber crime is a growing problem because criminals possess more sophisticated technology and we have more to lose. Mr. Wagh said that it is only a matter of time before everyone will be, at least to a small extent, a victim of cyber crime in some way. He talked about the history of the FBI's involvement in cyber and said that the FBI now focuses on three areas of cyber crime which are terrorism, espionage, and high tech crimes/cyber attacks. He stressed that cyber crime is here to stay because we all conduct so much business with our computers but good company policies and good computer programming can certainly help a lot. Along these lines, Mr. Wagh stressed that emails that arouse suspicion should not be opened. He said that another factor that has helped the FBI is the cooperation of other federal agencies like the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, it helps that countries like Romania, Ukraine, Estonia and the Netherlands lend their support.

He talked about some cyber investigations including the recent one involving North Korea hacking Sony's computers over the movie, "The Interview". Incidentally, he said that "The Interview" was a "silly movie" and if North Korea hadn't made such a big thing about it probably "10 people would have seen it." He asked if anyone at the luncheon had seen the film and the one person who had was inclined to agree with him.

We sat with Ms. Marilyn Thomas and Ms. Margo Morrow who are both members of the Solon Board of Education and talked for a few minutes about how the Solon Schools are doing which is pretty good but they enjoy a lot of community involvement. Mr. Marc Paige of APG Office Furniture sat at our table too, and it turned out that he was playing the saxophone in the Dan Zola orchestra when we were at the Winter Snowball Dinner Dance in Broadview Heights last Saturday evening.

We also got to meet Mr. Brian Rosenfelt who works for KeyBank in Cleveland in the business banking division. We exchanged contact information and Mr. Rosenfelt told us that quite a few foreign born people do business with KeyBank. We had a good conversation with Mr. William M. Mazur who is a member of the Planning Commission for the City of Solon who told us that Solon is a very diverse community with many people from the Asian countries living there.

Before we left, we talked to Mr. Wagh about our own situation because we often buy tickets to the events that we attend online via our credit card. Mr. Wagh said that it might be a good idea to obtain a second credit card with a very low expenditure ceiling to use for these purchases. After attending his presentation, that is what we think that we will do.

That evening we went to Mixon Hall at the Cleveland Institute of Music to attend a junior recital by Mr. Dmitry Tyurin, a very promising young pianist who is only 19 years old. Mr. Tyurin skillfully played several selections of classical music and the one we enjoyed the most was "The Mephisto Waltz No. 1, S. 514" by Franz Liszt. This recital was supported by the Russian Garden so, of course, our friend Ms. Svetlana Stolyarova was present along with about 20 people from the Russian community of Cleveland. Ms. Stolyarova told us that she has known Mr. Tyurin and his family since they immigrated to the United States from Russia several years ago. His mother initially taught him but now he studies at the Cleveland Institute of Music with the noted instructor, Mr. Sergei Babayan. We recalled seeing Mr. Tyurin perform last year at the concert at the site of the Russian Garden. Ms. Stolyarova continues to work very hard on this project and invited us to a "pancakes in the garden" event on February 22nd. We certainly plan to go; we just hope that the weather is not too cold but warm pancakes in cold weather are always welcome.


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