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Coffee with COSE

On Tuesday, March 3rd, we started off the day with a "Coffee with COSE" gathering at Panera's in Brooklyn. We got to visit with COSE (meaning Council of Smaller Enterprises, a division of the Greater Cleveland Partnership) representatives Ms. Diane M. Jusko, Mr. Jason Guyer, and Mr. Chad Hamman who sincerely wanted to learn how COSE can best serve its members. Unlike the annual COSE meeting last week which had at least 200 people there, today's event only had about 10 people present which gave everyone a chance to talk about recent happenings at their businesses and what they would like to see COSE do. We got to talk about the successful immigration seminar that Margaret W. Wong and Associates conducted last weekend.

Among the people that we met and talked to today was Mr. John G. Young, 4th generation President of Speed Exterminating who is a good friend of our Rose Wong. We also met Ms. Sarah Fox, Owner/Instructor at "Fight Fit" in Middleburg Heights which teaches Krav Maga, a self defense system associated with the Israeli military that combines boxing, judo, aikido, and wrestling. Ms. Fox teaches this technique to individuals and also to employees of businesses that enlist her services.

Mr. Jeff Heinrich, Regional Representative of the State Treasurer of Ohio. told us about his involvement with St. Baldrick's Foundation which raises money for the treatment of childhood cancers. Mr. Heinrich and his family have been obtaining pledges from people to donate money if they have their heads shaved at a St. Baldrick's celebration on March 13th at University Hospital. Even Mr. Heinrich's elderly grandmother plans to follow through with this. We looked up St. Baldrick's Foundation and found out that since it was established in 2000 it has conducted over 4,200 head shaving events in which 190,500 heads have been shaved and $118 million has been raised. We certainly respect and applaud the efforts of Mr. Heinrich, his family, and others with their same level of dedication to helping others.

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