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Ancient Order of the Hibernians @ East Side Irish

On Sunday, January 25th, we went to the East Side Irish American Club (ESIA) on Lakeshore Avenue in Euclid to take part in the reverse raffle that was put on by the Ancient Order of the Hibernians (AOH) to raise money for their scholarship fund. The president of the Cleveland Chapter of the AOH is Mr. Francis McGarry (also the president of the ESIA) who told us that these scholarship will go to local high school students who Catholic Schools. Last year two scholarships were given out and one of the recipients sent Mr. McGarry a letter saying how honored he was to receive it and how it inspired him to give back to the community. This year, because of the proceeds from the reverse raffle, four scholarships can be awarded instead of two. Mr. Bill Homan, who acted as emcee, told us that this was the first time that the AOH has had a reverse raffle and he considered it to be a success especially since it was organized and promoted very quickly within the last month or so.

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Mr. Jim Burke, the husband of former ESIA president Ms. Linda Burke, explained to us that the ESIA can't put on a raffle itself due to the tax laws because it is not a not-for-profit but outside organizations such as the AOH, who do qualify, can lease the hall and put a raffle on and invite the ESIA membership if they want. We ended up buying a raffle ticket and an inexpensive ticket for one of the side boards. Naturally both of our numbers lost but we still had a winningly good time there.  We shared a table with two very nice ladies named Mary and Dee and told them that we worked with Margaret W. Wong and Associates. Of course they had both heard of Ms. Wong and Mary recalled recently reading an article about her that appeared in the magazine "Currents".

While we were there, we told our friends Mr. Michael Gronick and Mr. Dave Clemmons about going to the India Republic Day dinner the night before and perhaps eating too much of the spicy food as good as it was. We also told them about the Painesville Chili Contest. Mr. Gronick advised us to eat the yogurt dessert the next time we have Indian food because it is quite soothing and Mr. Clemmons suggested to us that, since there was no vegetarian chili at the Painesville Chili Contest, we should consider preparing vegetarian chili ourselves and entering it in the contest on behalf of Margaret W. Wong and Associates. It would involve a day's worth of cooking over our stove but this seems like a good idea to us. Maybe we can name it "Mrs. Wong's Veggie Delight."

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