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US Chamber of Commerce President Determined to Pass Immigration Reform in 2014

On Wednesday, Tom Donahue, the US Chamber of Commerce President, said that he plans to “pull out all the stops” to ensure that immigration reform passes this year. [1] Speaking in his annual “State of the Business Address”, Donahue vowed to leverage the vast resources and influence of the business lobby to pressure Democratic and Republican lawmakers into signing a deal. Donahue said the Chamber will use grassroots lobbying, politics, partnerships with unions, faith organizations and law enforcement to make sure that reform happens in 2014 and use the elections as a “motivator for change”. [2] Donahue’s determination illustrates how important immigration reform is to the business community. The Chamber of Commerce, Senate Democrats and Republicans, and most Americans know that immigrants are essential to our economy, bringing in new ideas, starting businesses and revitalizing our communities. Hopefully the power and influence of the business community will prompt the House of Representatives to act.

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