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Tina Turner

I love Tina Turner. I saw her movie 'whats love got to do w it' 3 times. It's such a sad and happy American story on love and survival and ultimate triumph for people and women like us. I love her dance, her strength , silliness and gullibility. Now, this past Sunday morning I read in the news that she is relinquishing her US Citizenship. Why? Maybe she was being silly again and was not thinking of consequences. Giving up something so fundamental to who we are are so uncool. Even though she is about 70s years old, and doesn't have a lot of family in the US.

Does she know that if she gives up her USC because of tax savings, she woulld not even be able to enter US with a tourist visa? Even though Europe is beautiful and we have dreams to go hang out and live and avoid the press for a period in our life, gosh, giving up our USC is so unthinkable and titanical that for an immigration lawyer, I was thinking what was she thinking?!!

We have 10 to 15 million people in the US that dream of their papers and someone who is our idol voluntary gives it up. Unthinkable. Oh well, maybe the world is changing. The US is the best country in the world , it's young, unencumbered, lower tax rate compared to Europe's Socialist rules. I don't get why someone who is so privileged as by divine intervention and with such beautiful everything would forgo the country that made her who she is. And gave her so much (aside from Ike). I don't get it.

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