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Tactics for Success, No. 4

In her book, The Immigrant’s Way, available in the downloadable Kindle format, or paperback, Margaret W. Wong describes twenty-two tactics the foreign born person can use to ensure her stay in the USA is as long as she wants it to be. We will present for you one of her strategies every week in this space.


4. Make friends

Learn from those around you. Everyone has a different set of strengths and specialties in knowledge. You do not have to be inside a classroom to learn. Many of your native-born American friends can teach you a lot about American and Western history, culture, and language. Some of the knowledge they take for granted can be very helpful for you, who are lacking in this department.

Teach native-born Americans that you are not better or worse than those who are born in the United States, just different. You are an ambassador from your native culture, so help them understand you, and in doing so, they may get rid of some misconceptions about immigrants and foreigners.

Show them that although you may be less practiced at English grammar and spelling than they, it does not mean you are stupider or less competent than those who were born in this country.

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