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Tactics for Success, No. 3

How can more foreign-borns survive and thrive in this land and become truly a part of it, helping to make history along the way? In her book, The Immigrant’s Way, available in the downloadable Kindle format, or paperback, Margaret W. Wong shares her story of coming to the United States. It is one of struggle, hard work, and eventually success. She lists 22 tactics immigrants can use to achieve their dreams of living and prospering in the United States. We will present for you one of her strategies every week in this space.

3. Save your money, pay taxes, and file annual tax returns.

From where many of us come, our governments do not do enough good for our people. Bureaucrats may take our tax money and use it to buy things for themselves. In the United States, the system is different. The more money that we report we make, the more we can borrow and establish credit.

We should learn not to be too commercialized. We should remember to be more frugal, because most of us do not have a lot of friends or relatives in the United States who can help us on a rainy day. Buying many clothes, expensive clothes, or designer handbags is not worth it in the United States most of the time.

Unlike our countries of birth, where wearing brand name clothes can impress others, in the United States, smart people will not feel differently as long as you are neat and clean while less smart people will only become jealous of you. So why bother?


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