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Tactics for Success, No. 2

In her book, The Immigrant’s Way, available in the downloadable Kindle format, or paperback, Margaret W. Wong describes twenty-two tactics the foreign born person can use to ensure her stay in the USA is as long as she wants it to be. We will present for you one of her strategies every week in this space.

2. Become a good communicator.

We are not like natives in this land that we have made our home. They were born here and have spoken and written English their entire lives.

However, expressing ourselves clearly is crucial for success in America.

Why did my boss give me a raise and appreciate me as myself, and not just as a nondescript worker? It was because I knew how to express myself and worked hard on my job. I may speak with an accent, but if I am a good worker, my boss will be able to tell as well. How do they know I am a good worker? They know because I can express myself to better understand the needs of the job, customers, co-workers and supervisors.

Communicate your ideas. There are two ways to exert leadership: writing and speaking skills. Work hard to master them both.

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