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President Obama May Consider Expanding H-1B and Doubling Employment Based Green Cards

It seems like we've been speculating on President Obama's potential moves on immigration reform for months. Well, probably because we have. But we're not the only ones! Over at, Chris Musillo has written that President Obama could expand the H-1B visa program and double the number of employment based green cards. Musillo writes "the President hinted that he will use Executive Action to liberalize the H-1B program. One method may be to finally enact rules that extend work authorization to spouses of H-1B workers." Obama may also effectively double the number of employment based green cards issued by changing the way such green cards are counted. Musillo notes that it is within the President's authority to interpret the established law as he deems appropriate without actually creating a new law. However, "here is a fine line between an interpretation and the creation of law."

President Obama was supposed to implement his Executive Action on immigration over the summer but has postponed any changes until after the midterm elections in November. It is expected that he will make the announcement between November 4, 2014 and January 3, 2015, after the elections and before the new Congress is sworn in.

To read more about the President's potential expansion of the H-1B program and green cards, read Chris Musillo's post at

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