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Obama Orders Deportation Review

Recently, President Obama met with DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and immigration activists (BBC and Politico). The leaders in the immigration movement once again told the President that deportations are tearing families apart and are causing unnecessary harm. They urged him to halt deportations of non-violent criminals and do what he can to keep families together. As a result of this meeting the President has ordered a review of ICE’s deportation practices to see if they can be carried out “more humanely within the confines of the law”.

We are happy that President Obama has ordered this review. We are on the front lines and we see deportations up close. We have been to the jails to visit our clients and we know the pain it creates in so many families.

We thank the President for taking this step and showing his support for the immigrant community.

We urge Congress to also show their support for millions of immigrant families and pass Immigration Reform this year. While we welcome the President's move, he can only do so much. True and meaningful change needs to come from Congress.