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Immigration News from the Past Week

Nearing the end of the year, much of the immigration news this week is about predictions for what will happen with immigration reform in 2014. But the current state of immigration is also highlighted as federal prosecutors acknowledged that they can’t produce data of immigrant detainees fast enough and The Santa Fe New Mexican profiles how the immigrant community is revitalizing the city. On Thursday, the New York Times published an editorial about Jeh Johnson, the new secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and Alejandro Mayorkas, the new deputy secretary, and how they can turn around the agency. Immigration enforcement needs the most help and hopefully the partnership between Johnson and Mayorkas will lead to fewer deportations and more focused enforcement. “Homeland Security’s New Chief”. The New York Times

Judy Woodruff interviews Mark Hugo Lopez from the Pew Research Center, Tamar Jacoby from ImmigrationWorks USA, Angela Maria Kelly from the Center for American Progress and Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies about immigration reform in 2013 and hopes for 2014.“Will 2014 yield Immigration Reform?” PBS News Hour

US Attorney Preet Bharara wrote a letter to a US District Judge saying that federal prosecutors can’t quickly deliver documents about thousands of immigrants who have been detained nationwide.“US Immigrant Detainee Data Can’t Be Produced Fast Enough”. AP

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid predicts that House Speaker John Boehner will move on immigration reform in 2014, citing that the Speaker is more willing to antagonize Tea Party Republicans. While Boehner has insisted that he won’t vote on the Senate bill, he has hired a new legislative aide, Rebecca Tallent, a former aide to John McCain who helped craft the Senate bill. “Reid: Boehner will cave in on Immigration”. The Hill

Mexican immigrants from the state of Chihuahua are opening businesses and revitalizing the city. “Immigrants Drive Boom in Santa Fe’s ‘Little Chihuahua’”. The Santa Fe New Mexican

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