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Immigration News December 30- January 3

In the news this week is more speculation about the prospects of national immigration reform in 2014 but also how states like Nevada and California are dealing with immigration issues on their own terms. Besides issues of state and federal policy, more personal insights into families with undocumented parents and an undocumented immigrant lawyer’s long journey to being admitted to the California State Bar. Chandler analyzes the effects of deportations on family, focusing on a 12-year-old US citizen son and his Guatemalan father who is undocumented but has been living in the US since the late 90s. “Deportations of parents can cast the lives of U.S.-citizen kids into turmoil”. Michael Alison Chandler. Washington Post

Similar to the Washington Post story, Gustafson speaks to a family in Oregon that has been torn apart by deportation and a new category of “orphans of deportation”. “US Immigration Policy Leaves behind ‘Orphans of Deportation’”. Jordana Gustafson. KPLU 88.5

From the opinion pages of the Chicago Sun-Times, the author claims that self interested politicians may finally tackle immigration reform this year because the political environment is just right for it. “Immigration Reform Possible this Year”. Opinion. The Chicago Sun-Times

A look at how states like California, Illinois, New Jersey and Colorado are becoming more immigrant friendly offering undocumented immigrants drivers licenses and in-state tuition while others still see immigrants as a drain. “New Immigration Laws Split America in Two”. Benjy Sarlin

Sergio Garcia, 36, who was born in Mexico but brought to the United States as a minor, will now be able to practice law in California after a ruling from the state’s Supreme Court. However, federal law still prohibits law firms from hiring undocumented immigrants. “California High Court OKs Law License For Undocumented Immigrant”. Scott Neuman. NPR

Nevada became the 11th state in the country to offer drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants. Applicants had to show proof of identity and residency as well as pass an exam. People were waiting in line for hours to take their test and receive their cards. “Nevada Driver Authorization Cards For Undocumented Immigrants Bring Long Lines”. Hannah Dreier. AP

After hiring Rebecca Tallent, an immigration policy expert as an adviser, the Speaker of the House seems poised to take on immigration reform this year. Even if it’s a piecemeal approach, the President and Immigration Groups have expressed interest. “John Boehner’s Immigration Cojones”. Eleanor Clift. The Daily Beast. AND Elias Isquith. “Boehner may back limited immigration reform”. Salon

Not exactly news, but BuzzFeed features various works of art by undocumented youth about the experience growing up and living in the United States. “22 Powerful Images By DREAMers: A Window Into Life As An Undocumented Immigrant In America”. Adrian Carasquillo