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Fought Circuit Appeals to Get Green Card!

"After fighting the case for 20 years, he was very happy" On 11/26/08 MWW was approached by a client who was facing circuit appeals.


Atlanta City Immigration Detention Center

He chose however to go with a local attorney, but on 04/06/10 he returned to MWW . Prior to meeting with us, he had been fighting the case for 20 years already!

Our team worked with him to have his petition reviewed and on 09/20/12, the circuit appeals was terminated and dismissed by the Atlanta Immigration court. He received his green card.

On 09/13/13 he called our office and expressed how 'extremely happy' he was, and was so taken aback by how the entire legal team worked on his case.

We want everyone to know that being denied or revoked an immigrant visa is not the end of it - we will work hard to overturn the decisions and help you make your American dream come true!

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