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DREAMer Attends the State of the Union as Honored Guest

President Obama's State of the Union last night was very special for a young woman from Texas. Ana is a 21 year old college student from Dallas, Texas and last night she was an honored guest in the President's box. While Ana was born in Mexico, she came to the United States as an infant and has never left. Texas is the only home she knows. She will be the first in her family to graduate from college in May. While she's been working towards her degree in business administration and hospitality, she has also been working several jobs to pay for her education and support her family. Last year, Ana wrote a letter to President Obama to thank him for implementing DACA. It's changed her life for the better and has allowed her to pursue opportunities that she couldn't have imagined before. Ana is clearly an ambitious, bright, and hardworking young woman. Without DACA, Ana wouldn't have been able to find a good paying job in her field, one that allows her to gain experience and  build a successful career. Without DACA, she wouldn't have been able to get a driver's license. Without DACA, she would still be fearing deportation to country she barely knows. As Ana said, "“The program adds to who I am, yet it is not what defines me. It’s truly life changing, it’s a blessing. I don’t have to worry on a daily basis what will happen to me for now.”

Ana is an example of how DACA can change lives. Politicians who want to roll back DACA and Obama's Executive Actions should consider how young DREAMers like Ana are contributing to their families, communities, and our nation's economy. What good could possibly come of taking that away? Ana's story should also encourage us to think about how immigration reform, on a broad scale, could improve the lives of millions.

"Meet the DREAMer who’s an honored guest at the State of the Union." By Amanda Sakuma. MSNBC. <>

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