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DACA Loans are Available for Low-Income Applicants

As the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA) approaches its 2 year anniversary, the Brookings Institute is producing a series of blogs, articles, podcasts, and studies about foreign students in the United States. In a blog post from earlier this month, Audrey Singer, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, explored why it's so difficult to estimate the DACA eligible population and why application rates might seem lower than expected. Singer pointed out that the $465 filing fee is a significant obstacle for many young adults and might deter them from applying for relief. Last week, Singer wrote about different community organizations, government agencies, and local credit unions that are encouraging young adults to apply for DACA and offering loans to cover the cost. Singer noted that the Mission Asset Fund in San Francisco has started lending circles for DREAMers. The circles consist of 10 people who each pay $46.50 a month for 10 months. Each month a different member receives the $465 DACA filing fee. Singer also mentioned that the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles offers financial assistance to applicants and New York City has started a fund to help expand young immigrants' access to DACA. More than 1,000 young immigrants have received loans from the Latino Community Credit Union in North Carolina to apply for DACA.

The filing fee is still an obstacle for many but it's encouraging to see a diverse array of organizations stepping in to fill the gap. You can find more information on DACA loans on the Brookings Institute website, here.


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