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Congress To Go After Immigration Scammers

It is no secret that there are many con artists out there who continue to defraud immigrants seeking to start a new life in the United States. They go after a uniquely vulnerable group of people, sometimes even pretending to be immigration attorneys. I have had numerous clients come to me after their case has been nearly ruined by an unscrupulous individual posing as an attorney. No federal laws specifically punish unauthorized practice of immigration law, but it looks like that may change. Congress wants to use the deterrent force of the law to prevent such victimization of immigrants. Proposals include punishments of many years imprisonment, as well as fines. Kudos to our elected representatives for taking up an issue with which those of us in the immigration community are all too familiar.

Having such a law could make it easier for aliens to reopen their cases, using the conviction of a person who took advantage of them in this way to reopen cases that previously failed because of the inappropriate advice of somebody fraudulently posing as an immigration attorney. This would certainly be good news for many.

Always be vigilant, and make sure the person you are hiring to handle the most important case in your life, your immigration case, is a licensed attorney!

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