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What Americans Want from Immigration Reform In 2014

A majority of Americans support immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. In fact, 63% of Americans support such a reform. The Brookings Institution and the Public Religion Research Institute have studied Americans’ attitudes towards religion, values, and immigration reform and released their findings. They found that immigration reform has support from a wide array of groups, including Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Hispanics, Millennials, Protestants, and Catholics.

70% of Democrats, 61% of Independents, and 51% of Republicans support a pathway to citizenship while only 37% Tea Party members back such a policy.

Interestingly, the study’s authors found that the strongest predictor of anti-immigration reform sentiment is regularly watching Fox News and trusting it as a reliable source of news. On the other hand, indicators of support for immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship are holding a college degree, identifying as a Democrat, and trusting MSNBC as a reliable source of news.

This study is just another in a long line of news reports, anecdotes, and testimonials that show most Americans are ready for reform.