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A Day in the Life of an Immigration Attorney in L.A.

One of our attorneys in our Los Angeles office, in nearby Diamond Bar, Rebecca Tseng, sent us this report on a normal day in L.A. "Crazy day today."

Going to downtown Los Angeles for court or USCIS is always an interesting adventure. I’m guessing it’s very different in Cleveland. But yes, in downtown L.A. it’s not unusual to run into film crews or even riot police while trying to get to your destination. (laughing) I don’t think the folks in Cleveland realize that when they ask me to just “run downtown to file something,” I might end up dodging SWAT teams to do it.

Here's how that trip went today:  I went to downtown USCIS in Los Angeles to file those supplemental I-601 docs for Scott Bratton, and to fee in an MTR (Motion to Reopen).

Turns out that a protest had broken out around the USCIS building! There were cops, protesters, helicopters, SWAT team… everything. Nowhere to park and no way to get in. So I drove to the EOIR (Executive Office for Immigration Review - US Department of Justice) across town to figure out what to do. My InfoPass appointment was at 10:00. I happened to run into an old immigration attorney I used to work with. He was driving back to his office and offered to drop me off as close to the police barricades as he could.

So I dodged the SWAT team and got into the USCIS building. I tried to submit the supplemental documents, and of course they wouldn’t take them. Because the officer hadn’t requested them. They assured me that if the documents were needed, the officer would RFE (Request for Evidence) for them. I’m not sure they will, but there was no way I could get them to take the documents. Maybe the officer really will RFE. Or maybe the couple will have to re-file.

I did end up fee-ing in the MTR and successfully filing it back at the EOIR. But when I got to the EOIR, I found that I was blocked in there, too. Some TV show, NCIS, was filming and had the street I needed to get out on blocked off!

I also checked on Scott’s urgent, detained case. No luck. I am going back tomorrow to file more supplemental exhibits. I’ll press some more tomorrow, too. I think we will have to give up on getting the file review before the hearing.