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Tactics for Success, No. 10: Don't Drink and Drive

In her book, The Immigrant’s Way, available in the downloadable Kindle format, or paperbackMargaret W. Wong describes twenty-two tactics the foreign born person can use to ensure her stay in the USA is as long as she wants it to be. We will present for you one of her strategies every week in this space.

10. Do not drink alcohol before driving.

Do not try illegal drugs. Do not get into fights. Do not get violent no matter how angry you are at work, with friends, family, or strangers. Do not raise a knife to threaten people when you are angry. We have laws in America, and disobeying them can result in criminal charges. They can put us in jail even if we are just angry and expressing it since we do not speak English. Do not hit your spouse or shout too loudly at them. It is a criminal offense in America to hit your spouse. Remember that in this country, just because she married you for life does not mean that she has to sleep with you. No means no. You cannot force a spouse to do things with you that she does not want to do. Also, do not buy or carry a gun if you are not yet an American citizen. We are in a foreign land. We need to honor their rules just as we expect them to pay us fair wages because we work for them.