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Society for Human Resource Management's Conference and Exposition

IMG_0229On Sunday, April 17th, we flew to Orlando, Florida so we could table at the Society for Human Resource Management's Conference and Exposition scheduled to run from Monday, April 18th through Wednesday, April 20th at the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort.

Not surprisingly, lodging at that location was completely booked but our travel agent found us more than satisfactory accommodations at Disney's Caribbean Beach resort less than 10 minutes away via taxi.

On Monday morning, we rose early and obtained a ride over to the Swan and Dolphin Resort so we could set up our table. Along these lines, we were quite fortunate because we were able to fit the banner and materials of Margaret W. Wong and Associates into 2 less-than-50 lbs. duffle bags which we could take on the flight to Orlando with us. Other vendors had to have the components of their more elaborate booths shipped separately and it took them quite a while to assemble their booths.IMG_0268

Happily, we put our table together in no time so we had time to visit with the other vendors who represented all kinds of companies although the largest number seemed to be staffing agencies and background screeners. One of the exceptions to this was that of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) which is a Department of Defense office that, among other duties, helps to resolve conflicts between the service members and their employers. We had a great time talking to Mr. Tom Bullock and Ms. Colleen D. Trout who were staffing the booth and look forward to talking to them on Tuesday.

Actually the exhibit hall was not open to the conference attendees until 4pm which enabled us to take IMG_0249in a presentation by Dr. Eun Y. Kim, Managing Director of CEOInternational in Austin, TX. Dr. Kim talked mainly about the rise of Asian Multinationals focusing on the history and the impact of the Samsung Revolution. She had time though to talk about a few other things like the cultural differences amongst Asians which she very effectively illustrated by showing us three sets of chopsticks used by Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans and explaining why each of them was different. Dr. Kim took our contact information and stopped by our booth to talk to us for a moment when the exhibit hall finally opened.

 Another person who we exchanged contact information with was a gentleman from Poland who was a IMG_0266professional recruiter specializing in helping people from Central Europe find jobs in other countries. We talked for a while as we waited in line (a long one) at a luncheon buffet.

When the exhibit hall finally opened we stood by our table and passed out our cards and connected withIMG_0271 quite a few people from all over the United States. Ms. Lily Lee, Human Resource Manager for Lewis Tree Service took a copy of "The Immigrant's Way" because she was inspired by Ms. Margaret W. Wong's story and wanted to know more about her and what she had to say.

Towards closing time, a person from Cardinal Commerce walked over and told us that she was familiar with Ms. Wong because she helped one of their key employees resolve an immigration matter.

And, finally, there was Ms. Kari Kraber from Oberweis Dairy in North Aurora, Illinois who told them that her company delivers milk to its clientele just like the milkmen of yesteryear used to do. We haven't heard of anyone doing that for years and it made us feel nostalgic.

We look forward to attending the conference again on Tuesday.


Michael Patterson  Community Liaison, Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC.