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Slovakia-Treasures in the Heart of Europe

On Monday, June 13th, we attended a meeting of Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities, Inc. which was held at the IMG_2100Garfield Heights Library on Turney Road.

This evening we enjoyed watching a travel film titled "Slovakia-Treasures in the Heart of Europe" which was produced and narrated by Mr. Pat Uskert who has done projects for the History Channel. With the help of his guide, Ms. Mila Kossova, Mr. Uskert took us on a tour of Slovakia a place that he said was not very well-known and perhaps the most untraveled country in Europe even though it was in the heart of it.

What particularly impressed us were the wooden churches of the Carpathian Mountain area; the historic town of Banska Stiavnica which was once considered the world center for mining innovation; the Slovensky SAJ National Park also know as the "Slovak Paradise"; and, of course, the high Tatras mountains which looked breathtakingly beautiful in the winter especially when Mr. Uskert and Ms. Kossova took us on a cable car ride to the top.

As entertainment buffs, we appreciated it that Mr. Uskert included nods to the Orava Castle where parts of the classic vampire film "Nosferatu" were shot back in the early 1920's as well as the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce. We didn't know this before but we learned from the film that Mr. Warhol's parents were Carpatho-Rusyns who immigrated to the United States from Eastern Slovakia in the early 1920's.

As the film concluded, Mr. Uskert termed Slovakia "a little country that is also a big country."

Afterwards, the attendees stayed for a few minutes and talked about their own experiences visiting the places that Mr. Uskert showed us and talked about.

Even though there will be no more meetings of this organization until Fall, 2016, we are already looking forward to attending the Slovak Picnic on July 17th in Broadview Heights and a performance of the Lucina Folklore Ensemble on November 21st at the Holy Spirit Party Center in Parma.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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