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Scott E. Bratton -- Expert on Appeals to the Sixth Circuit

June 4th, 2015, in Columbus, Ohio, the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) presents "Immigration Law: Unraveling Complex Issues," available both live, at OSBA, 1700 Lake Shore Dr., Columbus, Ohio, and via webinar.  Our attorney, and partner in charge of Federal litigation, Scott E. Bratton, presents "Taking it to the Next Level: Appeals to the Sixth Circuit," in which he presents his "Expert perspective in preparing for cases at the appellate level." If you have a case that's gone horribly wrong at the Immigration Court, and if there's a way under the United States immigration law to win the case, Scott E. Bratton will find it.

In case after case, Bratton has succeeded where others failed.  Clients have won the chance to see their cases reviewed.  And in quite a few cases, Bratton has prevailed through to helping the client win their initial objective.

Freedom is no right to be trifled with.  People the globe over seek freedom here in the United States. Litigators like Bratton work tirelessly to obtain that freedom for foreign born thwarted due to a mixture of issues, from previously unsuccessful attorneys, to government attorneys and law enforcement officials focused on the task rather than the person, to legitimate charges that at first the government is not willing to give up, but after careful litigation, do relent on.

Scott's presentation includes:

  • When to file a petition for review
  • What decisions can be appealed to the federal circuit court
  • The procedure for filing a petition for review
  • Jurisdiction bars and arguments to avoid these bars
  • Exhaustion of issues
  • Stays of removal
  • Successful briefing and argument
  • Standards of review
  • Petitions for rehearing
  • Updates on 6th Circuit case law

Working successfully with clients from all over the world takes a special demeanor.  Winning federal litigation cases that may take a decade to resolve also takes a special demeanor.  Scott E. Bratton is just such a person. Don't miss this CLE opportunity.