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Plexus Networking Session at The Kimpton Schofield Hotel; Solon, Aurora and Twinsburg Chambers of Commerce Luncheon; Fundraiser for Judge Cynthia Rice

On Tuesday, October 18th, we attended a Plexus networking session at the Kimpton Schofield Hotel on East 9th Street in Cleveland.

We said hello to old friends and made some new ones like Ms. Beth Reyes, Lead Production Technician/Owner of Solus Lighting, Ltd. that often does the lighting for shows involving artists/musicians who are foreign-born. A friend of ours named Dan promised to refer Margaret W. Wong & Associates to his company's human resources department which might have a need for our services sometime in the future.

We were honored when Ms. Michelle Tomallo , Plexus Board President, said she would call us should she have any questions about any of the candidates running for judicial offices because she respected our opinion.

On Wednesday, October 19th, we attended a luncheon put on by the chambers of commerce of Solon, Aurora, and Twinsburg at the Signature of Solon.

img_5413 The guest speaker was Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine who gave a very engaging presentation about his background and what his office is focusing on.

First, he talked about how being involved in a family business when he was younger taught heightened his sensitivity regarding high taxes and over-regulation of business.

He then spoke about improving the efficiency of the Ohio Attorney General's office; when he assumed this post it took an average of 125 days for the their laboratories to analyze DNA (very important in cases like sexual assault) and report back to the localities. At this time it is down to 22 days which is pretty amazing considering that there is five times DNA work at this time than when he took office.


His next subject was the heroin/opioid epidemic in Ohio and some of its causes including the misuse of anti-pain medications and a very effect Mexican drug cartel. Attorney General DeWine admitted that solving this problem would not be easy but he has a task force composed of six people who are experts on the problem and take an all-encompassing "holistic" approach to it which is willing to meet with the localities and make suggests as to what the best course of action would be for each community.

Lastly, he said one thing that troubles him very deeply is the "opportunity gap" for young people that come from troubled, dysfunctional homes. He believed that more intervention was necessary to help them and, in terms of dangerous, often illegal, substances education must start in kindergarten and continue through the 12th grade.

On this day, the Attorney General was introduced by Mayor Ann Wormer Benjamin of Aurora who told us with great warmth that they had been friends for years and that he was one of the "most down-to-earth, energetic, and friendly public servants" that she knew.

Also there at the luncheon was Attorney General DeWine's son First District Court of Appeals Judge Pat DeWine, a fine gentleman who we had met before just last week at the Columbus Day parade in Little Italy. Judge DeWine is currently a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court.

We shared a table with Mr. Derek Schroeder, Director of Parks and Recreation for Twinsburg and Ms. Patricia A. Dzurilla, his administrative assistant; Ms. Marti Frank and Mr. Jon Howard from the Twinsburg Historical Society; Mr. Dan Mormile from "Custom Pultrusions"; and Ms. Kati Shannon from "Andersen Aurora Manufacturing."

We enjoyed talking to Mr. Mormile who told us how his firm which now specializes in fiberglass door and window frames was founded as a lumber company 113 years ago by Mr. Hans Andersen who immigrated to the United States from Denmark. Today it is under the Andersen umbrella so we talked about how frequently we see a "Renewal by Andersen" booth at the same places where we often table.

Mr. Mormile also told us that years ago he worked for a firm named "Techmar" in Solon that once used the services of "Margaret W. Wong and Associates" to obtain visas for some hardware and/or software engineers.

As we were networking, Mr. Greg Rosenberg, Chairman of Board of the Solon Chamber of Commerce, flagged us down and said that he was at the St. Vincent's Charity event and loved seeing Ms. Margaret W. Wong be recognized.

Our final event for the day was a fundraiser for Judge Cynthia Rice who is a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court. She is currently Appellate Court Judge for the 11th District Court of Appeals.


The gathering was held at the Law Offices of Meyers, Roman, Friedberg and Lewis in the Eton Tower on Chagrin Blvd. in Cleveland and needless to say, attention was divided between the event itself and the Cleveland Indians/Toronto Blue Jays game which was in progress at the time and being shown on a TV in the same room. Finally, Ms. Anne L. Meyers asked Judge Rice to "say a few words before the Indians win."

Judge Rice began her brief talk by saying how proud she was to have received the endorsements of the most important newspapers in Ohio including the "Columbus Dispatch. She then talked about how her past experience as a prosecutor would be of value should she be elected to the Ohio Supreme Court because half the cases that the court hears are criminal.

We asked her if she had any background in immigration and she said that "yes" she had been involved with cases involving people being deported due to their  undocumented status.

We really enjoyed visiting with Ms. Meyers, Ms. Barbara K. Roman, Mr. Scott Lewis and other members of their legal team as well as the administrative staff lead by Ms. Gretchen L. Oleski.

Mr. Lewis recalled that years ago he negotiated a business deal wherein Ms. Margaret W. Wong represented the other party. This was before Ms. Wong made immigration her specialty. After the deal was concluded, Ms. Wong sent him flowers.

As everyone knows, the Indian beat the Blue Jays 3-0 and as the game concluded the whole room cheered and a couple of people jumped up and down. It was a thrilling moment.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC

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