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Music from the Gardens Concert at Bohemian National Hall

On Sunday, October 30th, we went to Bohemian National Hall for the "Music from the Gardens" concert celebrating the centennial of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

img_5803 This lovely event featured the Cleveland Women's Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Robert L. Cronquist playing classical music by composers depicted via monuments in the British, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, German, Italian and Finnish gardens. In addition, several arias were sung by Ms. Dorota Sobieska, co-founder and executive director of Opera Circle Cleveland.

This program was produced by a combined effort of the Czech Cultural Center of Sokol Greater Cleveland and the Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation. Accordingly, we thank Ms. Helen Roth, Ms. Geraldine Skorepa, and Mr. Paul Burik who were the main organizers.

We got there early and sat in the first row and, before too long, started a conversation with Ms. Marilyn Glauner who introduced us to a friend of hers who played the bassoon with the Orchestra. As it turned out she was Ms. Chin Hui Haynes who immigrated to the United States from Taiwan. In fact, Ms. Margaret W. Wong helped her obtain a greenimg_5804 card. We learned that, in addition to being an orchestra member, Ms. Haynes gives piano lessons to about 30 children.

One thing that we really liked about the program was that Mr. Cronquist offered some historical insight about each musical number and/or its composer as he introduced it. For instance, he told us that Mr. Johannes Brahams had the reputation for being a "crotchety" old man.

We also liked it that Mr. Cronquist acknowledged Ms. Linda Duan, a violinist sitting next to him, for consistently making sure that the sound level was right when he used the microphone. "She is my electronic expert," said Mr. Cronquist with a smile.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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