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Margaret W. Wong & Associates wins "Best Team Costume" at the CMBA Run for Justice

For the third year in a row, Margaret W. Wong & Associates has won the award for "Best Team Costume" at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association's Halloween Run For Justice. Sara Elaqad, Chela Marquez, Francis Fungsang, and Albion  Manellari competed in the event and dressed up as troll dolls, the popular children's toy. Sara Elaqad placed third in the women's competition. The Halloween Run was held on October 25th in downtown Cleveland. The Halloween Run benefits the CMBA's Justice for All pro bono and public service programs. The innovative 3Rs-Rights-Responsibilities-Realities Program has been particularly  successful, sending legal professionals to 10th grade social studies classes in Cleveland and East Cleveland to "personally connect with the students, educate them about the U.S. Constitution and provide practical career counseling." This is the third year that the Margaret W. Wong & Associates team has won the award for best costume. The team dressed up as the Flintstones in 2013 and "binders of women" in 2012, a reference to Mitt Romney's gaffe during the presidential campaign. Brainstorming for next year will begin soon. More information on the CMBA Halloween Run and the Justice for All program can be found on the CMBA website.