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Margaret W. Wong & Associates Acquires Beryl Farris LLC Immigration Law

(Cleveland, Ohio -- February 10, 2016)  The complexities of today’s laws demand a high level of expertise in many different areas of the law. In order to continue to meet our clients’ legal needs, it is important that our firm keep pace with this growing demand. With these challenges and opportunities in mind, we are pleased to announce that Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC will acquire the firm Beryl Farris LLC Immigration Law, a well-respected, client-oriented law firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Both Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and Beryl Farris LLC Immigration Law share the same concerns and goals for client satisfaction and quality service. In addition, both firms possess the necessary knowledge and experience in U.S. immigration and nationality law.

“We love the people of Atlanta,” said Margaret Wong. “We are excited about this new association and about the opportunities to better meet your legal needs. We hope that our expanded resources, timeliness, and additional expertise will be beneficial to all of our clients.  Beryl Farris and her team have made great strides in making Atlanta foreign-born friendly, and we are excited to join her in that effort.”

Attorney Beryl Bergquist Farris, in practice since 1977, is eager for her team to join Margaret W. Wong & Associates LLC.  “I’ve known Margaret for almost 40 years,” said Beryl Farris. “We’ve both built up our practices one client at a time, but her firm has attorneys all over the country.  I’m so excited to be able to work closely with her.”

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