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Lorain County Golf Outing at the Sweetbriar Golf Club; Vladmir Cetkar Debuts in Cleveland

On Thursday, June 9th, we spent most of the afternoon and early evening at the Lorain County Golf Outing at the Sweetbriar Golf Club on Jaycox Road in Avon Lake. Actually, the Shotgun Start for the tournament was at 10am but we went later on for networking and dinner. According to what we were told, about 150 people took part and we got to meet several people who we had not met before at any other chamber events.

Among these was Mr. Ben Harper who was videotaping this affair for the chamber website. Mr. Harper thought it was interesting that we worked for an immigration law firm because he used to work for the U.S. State Dept. where he made films about different areas of the United States and their lifestyles to be shown abroad.

We also discussed immigration and the work that Margaret W. Wong and Associates does with Ms. Shelley MacDonald of the Friendship Animal Protective League and Ms. Liz Bevan who, along with her husband Steve, owns the Gold Star Awards (a trophy shop) in Elyria.

IMG_1870And then, it was nice to say hello to people we had already met like Oberlin Councilwoman Sharon Pearson and her husband, Mr. A.J. Clonts, who own the "As You Wish Travel Agency" together. Other local officials who were there playing golf that we got to say "hello" to were Lorain County Sheriff Phil R. Stammitti, Elyria Municipal Court Judge Lisa A. Locke, Avon Lake Mayor Greg Zilka, and Avon Lake Council President Martin O' Donnell.

Around 4pm an excellent buffet was served consisting of steak, potatoes, mixed vegetables, salad, and cookies/small pastries for dessert. We shared a table with Ms. Sue Knight and her husband, Mr. Kevin Knight who is the VP and General Manager of Heidelberg Distributing in Lorain. We had gone to a networking event there last winter and had some questions about it which Ms. Knight was happy to answer.IMG_1872

Later awards and door prizes were given out. The common consensus for the day was that Lorain County Chamber staff composed of Mr. Tony Gallo (President), Ms. Tammy Cascio (Director of Business Relations), and Ms. Kristy Lewandowski (Office and Financial Manager) all did terrific job putting this event together and that regardless of their prowess at golf all who played there on this day "had a good time" which is just how it should be.

We read on that Mr. Vladimir Cetkar, a very talented musician from Macedonia would be IMG_1878making his Cleveland debut Thursday evening at Nighttown on Cedar Road in Cleveland Heights.

Mr. Cetkar is a guitarist, vocialist and composer. We thus looked him up on "Wikipedia" and learned that he was born in Ohrid in the Republic of Macedonia and played the violin as a child. He was greatly influenced by jazz, funk and disco music. He traveled to the U.S. to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston where he specialized in contemporary writing and production focusing on the jazz guitar. He now lives in New York and has recorded two very popular albums "We Will Never End" (2008) and "Heavenly" (2013).

IMG_1876 When we arrived at Nighttown we encountered our good friend Dr. Nada Martinovic who brought her two sons, Luca and Victor to the concert. Dr. Martinovic told us that she is a good friend of Mr. Cetkar and that his collaborator Mr. Vladan Mijatovic from Serbia, who would be playing the piano this evening, provided the music for Dr. Martinovic  when she sang at Kent State. Except for Mr. Cetkar and Mr. Mijatovic, the other musicians who were all from the Cleveland/Northeast Ohio area.

Mr. Cetkar was very honored to work with them and acknowledged them several times throughout the performance. We enjoyed the music immensely and believe that Mr. Cetkar and his group more than lived up to the description that appeared on which read, "it will be a night to remember!"

What's more, Mr. Cetkar impressed us a being a genuine nice guy as he congratulated our friend Mr. Harry Weller, who was in the audience, on turning 75 on that very day. Later in the program, Mr. Cetkar lead all of us in a rendition of "happy birthday" after which Mr. Weller called out, "I'm young, again!"


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Community Liaison,

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