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Lakeland Community College's Business and Information Technology Career Fair

On Tuesday, March 29th, we drove to Kirtland to do a walk-through of "Lakeland Community College's Business and Information Technology Career Fair" which featured over 30 local employers in search of prospective employees.

We chose to attend because we wanted to introduce ourselves to the representatives of these organizations and let them know that Margaret W. Wong and Associates was available to help them IMG_9599should any of their employees encounter an immigration issue. For instance, we could possibly help an international job seeker obtain an H-1B visa. Among the tables that we stopped at were those of GameStop, Loan Protector, Climax Metal Office  Products, Keller Williams Realty, and Dolbey.

Most of people we spoke to here were very glad to take our information and several of them said that they had considered hiring an international in the past. We feel that one recruiter spoke honestly, though, when she said that she had investigated the process because she would like to help internationals because they displayed tremendous potential but it was just too expensive and too complicated for her company to consider. Another HR person told us that he had sat in on a recent meeting at a local university and the business people there said very much the same thing.

We told them that we knew where they were coming from and immigration reform in this area was sorely needed. But we also told them that if a potential foreign-born job candidate should ever appear again they should consider contacting Global Cleveland because it is exploring ways to help guide the employer through the cumbersome process as well as Margaret W. Wong and Associates because we willIMG_9602 help all that we can.

Next we, ourselves, tabled that evening at "Business Night 2016" at the Madison Public Library on Middle Ridge Road in Madison where we were at several weeks ago for a spaghetti dinner.

Oddly, there was almost exactly the same number of businesses represented here as there was at Lakeland Community College. In fact, to their credit, both KeyBank and Dollar Bank had representatives at both events.

We knew quite a few people who were tabling through our work with the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce IMG_9610and the Mentor Chamber of Commerce but we still made a few new contacts like Mr. Carl E. Feather who owns "Feather Cottage" which does digital transfer of film and slides and Mr. Karyn Tankersley who offers "educational services on how to use wearable baby carriers."

Tabling near us were Ms. Ann B. Radcliffe and Ms. Sharon Gingerich, respectively the Recorders of Lake and Geauga counties who were helping veterans obtain new, special I.D. cards which will make it easier to prove that they are veterans and obtain the services due them.

Sitting directly across from us was Ms. Michelle Gerred from the "Unionville Tavern Preservation Society" which seeks to renovate and re-establish this historic structure that has been in existence in IMG_9604some form since 1798. Ms. Gerred told us that our good friend Mr. Johnny Wu has been tremendously helpful to them via his excellent camerawork.

Before the event concluded, a person stopped by our both and took our contact information because he/she seeks to help a family member immigrate to the United States from Honduras.

And, then, an attorney stopped by and asked us with a twinkle how many languages we spoke. After we replied that Margaret W. Wong and Associates had access to people who speak a multitude of languages who translate for us, the attorney told us that he/she only spoke two which were "English and Contracts" before laughing and moving on.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC.