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Immigration Telephone Scams -- Just Hang Up

Recent immigrants are being targeted by scammers -- and they could be calling you next. "Hi, this is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Is this Wen Chin?"


"There is a problem with your immigration records, and you must pay 500 dollars to correct it. You'll need to confirm your social security number and your A number, and pay by credit card or cash. We can send someone to your home to pick up the payment.  If you don't do this, we will have to arrest you. You may be deported."

Or the caller may pose as a police officer: "This is the Police Department.  If you don't pay now, we will transfer this call to USCIS, because they contacted us regarding the problems with your status. "

ICE Deportation and Reporting Line or DRIL operators do not make outbound calls and would never request money from individuals.

Here are some websites that may help you:

Also, please notify your immigration attorney as soon as you feel you've been targeted or victimized by a scam.  Assisting the authorities in identifying and prosecuting scammers may assist you in your immigration endeavors.