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Iftar at The Turkish Cultural Center

On Friday night we attended another excellent Iftar Dinner, this time at the Turkish Cultural Center on Madison Avenue in Lakewood.

This meal was sponsored by our friend, Dr. Mansoor Ahmed who spoke for aIMG_2216 moment about the significance of fasting to him, personally. He concluded his remarks by saying, "blessings to all of you during this beautiful month" before expressing his sorrow over the Orlando tragedy. On a lighter note, Dr. Ahmed offered the CAVS his best wishes to win the big game on Sunday night.

We estimated that there were approximately 80 people in attendance and at least four people besides ourselves were present  at all of the following three events: the Iftar Dinner the previous evening at John Carroll, the City Club program earlier that day featuring Mr. Mustafa Akyol, and the Turkish Cultural Center that very evening. These people were Mr. Asim Datta, Mr. Yasar Bora from Concept Schools, Mr. Murat Gurer, and Mr. Mustafa Ada from Horizon Science Academy.

Prior to the start of our meal after just after sundown, Mr. Gurer gave all of the tables four questions to be discussed IMG_2213which were

  1. What is Ramadan actually about?
  2. How does fasting work?
  3. What is a typical day like during Ramadan?
  4. What can I do to be respectful of my Muslim friends during Ramadan?

IMG_2221We sat at a table composed of Mr. Ken Kovach; Mr. Mary Ann Kovach; Ms. Gulden Bora; Mr. Yasar Bora; and Mr. Andrew Floor, a young law student and ourselves. We had a stimulating conversation amongst ourselves and when Mr. Gurer asked the attendees for answers to the questions a few minutes later, our table was able to provide two of them so we got to be first in line in the buffet which wasn't as good of an advantage as it sounds because this meant that we had to look at our delicious looking plates a few minutes longer until the sun ultimately set at 9:05pm.

Finally, prayers were given and these words in English were projected onto the screen:

God is Greater

I bear witness to no God except God

I Bear Witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God Come to the Prayer Come to Deliverance God is Greater There is No God but God


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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