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Getting Ready for Ceramics Expo; Fundraising for Mr. Greene

A lot of Monday was spent getting ready to participate in the Ceramics Expo at the IX Center which will run from Tuesday through Thursday. We learned that this was the second year that it will take place in Cleveland. Mr. Sam Murray, Exhibition Manager, told us that last year there were over 100 exhibitors and 2,100 people attended. But for 2016 there will be almost 300 exhibitors taking part and 3,600 people are expected to attend.

Margaret W. Wong and Associates chose to table there because people from all over the world are expected to take part and we believe that we can help exhibitors/attendees who had a tough time obtaining a visa alleviate some of these hassles in the future. We also can help their friends and/associates who may be experiencing a trying situation regarding immigration.

On this day, we set up our booth and attended a "Welcome" reception at the Airport Marriott on West 150th Street. First of all, through talking with some of our fellow exhibitors, we learned that the term "ceramics" has a lot more to it than pottery which we automatically thought of.

After we got home, we did some research on Wikipedia and learned that the ceramics are involved in a lot of domestic, industrial and building products. In fact there are four main types of ceramics which are structural (bricks, pipes, roof tiles); whitewares (tableware, cookware, wall tiles, pottery products, and sanitary ware); refractories (kiln linings, gas fire radiants, steel and glass making crucibles); and technical/engineering/advanced/special/fine ceramics like gas burner nozzles, ballistic protection, nuclear fuel uranium oxide pellets, biomedical products, disc brakes, mechanical bearings, and tiles used in the space shuttle program.

Mr. Charlie Spahr, Executive Director of the American Ceramic Society, warmly greeted us at the reception and thought our reasons for wanting to table there were quite sound. This viewpoint was echoed by some people from Europe who talked of situations involving extensive immigration paperwork involving hires from the United States. Another manufacturer, located in the farm belt of the U.S., said that his firm was thinking of reaching out to international workers because it is hard to lure qualified Americans away from the big cities.

A couple of people from the United Kingdom asked us to tell them our thoughts about the U.S. Presidential election because some of the things that Mr. Donald Trump was saying were quite troubling to them. Another man jokingly said that he might ask for our help to obtain the correct documentation so he could move to Mexico BEFORE a wall is built!

We left the reception feeling very optimistic about the next several days and our prospects at the Ceramics Expo.

We then drove quickly to Lakewood so we could attend the last part of a fundraiser for Mr. Tommy Greene, young democrat who is running for Ohio State Rep. (District 16).

IMG_0441People were starting to leave but we still got to say hello to our friends Cuyahoga County Councilman Dale Miller and Domestic Court Judge Francine Goldberg along with Mr. Tom Scanlon, the prominent attorney.

We told Mr. Jim Goggin, a committed member of the West Side Irish American Club, about the play that we saw Friday night about the Easter Rising of 1916 and Mr. Goggin told us how sorry he was that he was unable to see it.

We enjoyed visiting with two longtime friends of Mr. Greene who were Dr. Christopher R. Ryba, a IMG_0439dentist who practices in Seven Hills, and Ms. Laura Godfrey, who is a grade school teacher in Bay Village.

We asked Mr. Greene what his priorities would be if elected and he said that he was very concerned about the cuts in state funding for the schools in Rocky River, Westlake, and North Olmsted. We asked if he would favored providing assistance to a child who had immigrated from another country and was having a tough time adjusting to the language and culture. We were glad when Mr. Greene said that he absolutely did and he would have challenged Governor Kasich when he joined the list of governors who asked that Islamic refugees not be settled in their states.



Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison, Margaret W. Wong & Assoc. Co., LLC.