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Free Educational Immigration Seminar - Feb 28, 2015

Hi friends and colleagues. What an exciting year for immigration law! Immigration reform is getting closer, and yet so many opportunities are part of current immigration law.  If you wait for "the right moment," you're with most people. But I'll tell you: there's no time like today. See an attorney, get your stories documented, know now what fees you can expect, and file, file, file.

As you may know, this Saturday, February 28th, 2015, at my offices, here in Cleveland, Ohio, I'm hosting our first 2015 seminar on immigration questions.

From 10 am to 12 noon this Saturday I’ll tell you what you can do NOW.

Whether you already have your Green Card and want to know what's next, want to become a legal permanent resident, or just want to change your status, this Saturday is the day for you.


How to Get a Work Permit How to get a Green Card Under Existing Law Information on EB-5 Immigrant Investor Q&A and Advice on Your Individual Immigration Cases

  • Call 216-566-9908 for more information and to register, or email me at
  • See you this Saturday!
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