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Foreign Born Help Power America's Innovation Engine

In her book The Creator's CodeAmy Wilkinson, who has been a White House Fellow, a consultant with McKinsey & Company, a lecturer at Stanford, and a Harvard fellow, lists six qualities successful entrepreneurs share:

  1. Find a gap  that you fill in with your own idea.
  2. Focus on the long-term.
  3. Harness cognitive diversity.
  4. Be good at failing wisely.
  5. Make quick decisions.
  6. Unleash generosity.

In an interview earlier this year with Amey Stone of the Fiscal Times, when asked what policy changes the government could make that  would assist entrepreneurs, Wilkinson replied: "The biggest policy change would be immigration reform to allow more H-1B visas. [These allow U.S. companies to hire foreign workers for certain hard-to-fill occupations]. Data show we benefit tremendously from foreign-born talent in the U.S. that helps power our companies and grow and scale new ideas. We have attracted really bright innovators with math and science skills to come to our universities. We want that kind of talent to remain in the U.S. to power our country’s innovation engine." In the 2014 Report from USCIS, "Report on H-1B Petitions," released in January 2015, over 300 thousand H-1Bs were approved, about 99% of those filed. Around the world we see unrest when locals are angry that foreign born are "getting all the jobs." While the US is not immune to this sentiment, being a country of immigrants, a great many more of us are open and inviting to people from around the world becoming our neighbors, and helping the best country on Earth become better yet.