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Eastern Lake County Coffee Contacts at Mentor Schools

On Thursday, November 17th, we attended two networking events; an early morning one in Mentor and one in the evening here in Cleveland.

The first gathering was an Eastern Lake County "coffee contacts" that took place in the "Paradigm" at Mentor Schools on Center Street. When we first arrived, we introduced to several people who asked us, as many people have, what we thought the immigration policies of the incoming Trump administration would consist of and, as we mostly do, we said that we would have to wait and see but hopefully new opportunities would come out of it. img_6097

We were heartened to learn that even those who supported President-Elect Trump did not necessarily agree with him on everything that he said during the campaign regarding immigration particularly about building an all-encompassing wall across the U.S./Mexican border. In fact they hoped, as we do, that a less bureaucratic immigration system would be created.

During the 30-second introductory commercials (which we all give at these affairs), a local realtor even said that he was eager to help those who have immigrated to the United States find a place to live and "plant their flag."

That evening we went to a networking session put on by the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (NEOHCC) at "Benny's Sports Bar" on Fulton Road where we got to meet Mr. Joe Mercado, a very charming man who owns and operates the establishment. Mr. Mercado told us that he first bought the property in 2006, renovated it and rented the building out to a couple of tenants but things didn't go so well so he decided to take the reins himself and opened "Benny's" in June of 2016. We told him that we really liked the appetizers and the atmosphere and sincerely wished him well. img_6107

We also got a chance to talk for a while with Ms. Myra Rosario who was both the host and executive producer of "Yo Soy Latino Cleveland" on Channel 3 and now does media consulting.

During the course of the evening, Mr. Mario Moreles, Managing Director of "Localingua" a localization and translation firm, walked over and introduced himself to us. We learned that years ago when he immigrated to the United States from Mexico, Ms. Margaret W. Wong assisted him with the process.

Another familiar face there for NEOHCC was Ms. Cristina Bertero who we encounter quite frequently at North Coast Chamber of Commerce/Power of More events. We talked for a few minutes with Ms. Bertero and Mr. Alex Millan, a small business owner of a heating/air conditioning firm, about what a good year this has been for Cleveland with the CAVS win, the outstanding showing of the Cleveland Indians, and the successful RNC.

Mr. Millan said that he believed that Cleveland was doing well in terms of attracting people and we have the potential to be a really cosmopolitan place like New York City. He went on to say that they key to success was getting people to get to know each other.


Michael Patterson 

Community Liaison,

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